Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beauty Tips for Someone Who Wears Braces

Wearing dental braces is one way to achieve a healthy and attractive smile. According to Delta Dental, braces ideally are fitted for teenagers to guide the teeth into place, but about 1 million adults wear braces. Looking good while wearing braces is not challenging, but some extra effort and precautions may be required.

Pay Attention to Oral Hygiene
Braces are made up of tiny wires connected to each tooth. It's easy for food to get trapped between the wires. This invites not only embarrassment when others see food stuck in your teeth but also cavities and bad breath.

Brushing after each time you eat, including snack times, is one way to keep the mouth clean and fresh. Dental Health Online recommends using an orthodontic brush for teeth fitted with braces. This brush has softer and more rounded bristles than regular toothbrushes. Fluoride toothpaste and regular flossing also help keep the mouth clean and healthy.

Enhance Your Other Features
Keep the focus away from your mouth and emphasize other features of your face. Play around with eye makeup using colors that complement the skin and draw attention to the eyes. Wear lipstick that is neutral or light in color. Accessorize with fancier earrings or necklaces to open up your face. This will draw the viewer's attention to your neck or ears.

According to Kiss Me Goodnight, a website on relationships and dating, people with improperly fitted braces or other dental devices tend to breathe out of their mouth. This can cause chapped lips. Moisturize with a lip balm or lip gloss not only to avoid chapping, but to make the lips look fuller and healthier.

Consider Braces a Fashion Accessory
According to BraceInfo.com, even celebrities like Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus wore braces on their teeth to perfect their smiles. Braces also appear in television shows, either because the actor wears braces or a character is written as having braces. Braces can be worn with colored bands to help make them look hip and trendy. The bands come in many colors; mix and match them until you find your favorite pattern.

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